Netflix & Binge

Welcome to the future – where binge eating is not only encouraged, but inspired by our favourite online streaming service. Gone are the days where food focused series were limited to a naked chef showing us his time saving hacks, or to daytime TV cooking challenges (we are looking at you Ready, Steady, Cook).

Thanks to numerous online streaming services (shout out to my brother who still hasn’t noticed I’ve been using his Netflix account for the past 2 years), we are now spoilt for choice when it comes to culinary viewing, from Anthony Bourdain taking us to the deepest pockets of international flavour (King Tony, may he rest in peace), to a show dedicated to home cooks who should probably never step foot in a kitchen again.

Here’s our 3 favourite Netflix series you need to watch, now.



Yup – just as the title says, this series cuts the crap, and dives straight into delicious food that is not so insta-worthy. Hosted by star chef David Chang and a procession of celebrity guests/taste testers, Ugly Delicious brings a much needed freshness to the foodie must-watch lists.



We will be completely honest – this show is our guilty pleasure when we want more food for thought. Dedicating an episode each to the elements or fire, water, air and earth, Cooked explores the culinary history behind food, and it’s impact on the evolution different cultures. Double bonus: Masterful filming make this “less documentary, more visual delight”.



We know this is a no-brainer, but if by the odd chance you still haven’t watched an episode, do yourself a favour and get bingeing, now! Taking a step behind the pass every episode, the Chef’s Table explores what drives Chefs in the kitchen. From a Korean monk, to a farm-to-table kitchen veteran, this docuseries gives us an honest and uninterrupted exploration into, yep, the chef’s table.


What’s your favourite Netflix foodie binge right now?

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