I’m going to start this off plain and simple – This is not a paid article, I am just damn appreciative that I was lucky enough to experience something this amazing, that I feel the need to share.

To say this place is under the radar is an understatement. Nestled away on the main thoroughfare in Albion is the unassuming shop front of Vaquero Dining. The blink-and-you-might-miss-it doorway is framed by a bazaar-esqe butchers window with the weeks meat selection.

Within in your first steps, you would almost forget you are in the inner-suburbs of Brisbane. The venue itself ticks every box possible, with a well stocked bar (including house brewed kombucha on full display), open front-of-house kitchen, and it’s delightfully curated interior with everything from the menus, seating and wall fixtures welcoming you into Vaquero’s world.

Image courtesy of Vaquero Dining
Image courtesy of Vaquero Dining

Starting off with an eagerness to eat all of the food immerse myself in the understated but complex menu, we started with the quintessential Charcuterie board. Featuring a house-cured selection of melt-in-your-mouth meats, pate and next level pickles (I am still lusting for the picked cabbage with a touch of cinnamon), served with Mary-Ann’s Sourdough. We don’t know who Mary-Ann is yet, but when I finally meet her, we are having a serious conversation about her perfect doughy friend.

The myriad of vegetable dishes that followed was the stuff dreams are made of, in particular the Basque style sweet potatoes with fermented chilli and yoghurt, which would please even the most carnivorous of diners.

The Pork Face Terrine was also a highlight, and perfectly complimented by simple toast and pickles. It is definitely worth a mention that this kind of dish would not necessarily be a crowd pleaser amongst most un-daring Brisbane diners, let alone in the suburbs, so I truly appreciate that not only is the terrine a permanent menu offering, but that it changes almost daily. Praise be Vaquero!

As if my mind could not have been blown any more by this Albion treasure (yep, I’m calling it), our dessert arrived. Frosty has truly met his match in the delicious Meringue Snowman with lemon curd, fresh berries and poky stick arms. Finishing off my dining experience with this dessert legitimately brought a tear to my eye, and left a snowman shaped hole in my heart. Is it legal to marry a dessert?

In case you couldn’t tell, I found my long-lost soul mate in Vaquero. Not only does it mix up the game in suburban eateries (charcuterie isn’t only for the inner-city night crawlers), but it also introduces a fresh individual take on modern eating to Brisbane’s growing food scene. Do yourself a favour…

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