We’ve all heard it before… “A good carpenter doesn’t blame his tools”, cue eye roll. I consider myself somewhat of a Picasso in the kitchen, but give me a blunt knife, or a cheap pan and the end result comes out like a 3 year old’s finger painting. Having the right equipment is essential for a confident kitchen, so here are a few of my picks for the perfectly equipped kitchen.


A good quality cast iron pot! This can do wonders for your every day cooking, not to mention, it’s super versatile from your Sunday roast, to quinoa pilaf.


The knife of our dreams – Shun create beautiful knives that are as sharp as Ricky Gervais’ whit, and that cut with masterful precision.


All in one storage & preparation jar. Anything that saves the washing up is a winner in my books. Enough said.


Bench kombucha jars are a godsend for those who choose kombucha as a main source of hydration (not literally, but also, yes). Make your own delicous vinegar or use your kombucha to spice up your weekend cocktails.


Skip the smelly hands and embrace this ingenious garlic crusher! Bonus: No need to scrape remaining garlic out of the traditional crusher, just slide them out of the ridges.


Do you have a favourite go-to kitchen staple? Let us know below!

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