Hold the phone. As if our favourite hangover/uni student staple couldn’t get any better, the mystical ramen noodle has just met its perfect match. Imagine, your favourite ramen topped with delicious creamy, melty cheese. Heaven.

Don’t believe us? Some of our favourite chefs have given this frankenstien-esque dish the spotlight it deserves. (not all heroes wear capes)

Dan Hong’s Garlic Butter Mi Goreng with cheese sets the bar high, with this left-overs inspired dish. Finished with fish balls, a fried egg and kimchi, this dish will take you on a trip to flavour town and back, all without leaving your couch.


It doesn’t stop there. The team from Munchies devised a holier than thou concoction of Spam, Cheese and Ramen. As if life couldn’t get any better, it can be enjoyed straight out of its packet, all in effort to avoid the arduous task of washing up when you are done.

Before you make up your mind, we definitely recommend giving this combo a try, who knows, you may just find your soul(food) mate.

Do have more freakish comfort food? Let us know below!



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