We all know the concept of reducing your waste can sometimes be overwhelming, where do you even start? Lord help us if we have to give up our morning coffee on the run… So we decided to do our homework to see exactly what we can to reduce our waste.

Start small and take your time

It is hard to break years of habit and stick with it, so our biggest advice it take it slow. Start with one focus at a time until it becomes a habit, then move onto the next!

BYO cup

We are no stranger to the morning (Read: lunch/afternoon/anytime coffee), we are only human, but eventually those paper cups build up. Most cafes welcome when you bring your own cup, most even reward you with a tidy discount! We are loving the Frank Green Smart Cup right now for it’s savvy tech and sleek design.

Ditch the food wrap

Ditch the food wrap and invest in some good quality storage containers. Not only are these better for the environment, but they are versatile; storage and a lunch box in one tidy morsel. Instead of wrapping up your food, place it in the airtight container and be on your way. Glasslock Containers are a great place to start for everyday storage.

Buy smart

When shopping for your food, select items that have less packaging. Avoid uselessly packaged fruit and vegetables, and items that have multiple layers of packaging. Instead go for plain fruit and veg, glass jars (instead of plastic packaging), or select easily recyclable packaging. See how Europe is taking the sustainability world by storm with their zero-waste stores.

Reuse! Reuse! Reuse!

Shopping smart can be difficult at the best of times, so try and get the most life out of what you buy! Reuse your plastic bags, use your glass jars as food storage or get creative with giving your items a second life before you throw them away!

Be mindful

Don’t be afraid to write down your goals to keep you focused! Seeing your goal every day will ensure you are mindful of your intentions, and it will make it easier to stick to them! Once you have reached your goals, add more to the list!

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