Not all of us are able to make it the farmers market on a Sunday morning. Some of us are hydrating on litres of water from the previous night’s frivolities. When we finally do make it to the farmers market, we want to make the most of what we buy. (Lets pay our respects to all the limp bunches of spinach that never made it to the table.)

Our days of wasting fresh produce are over; here are our tips to making the most of your market haul:

Plan your week ahead

It may sound tedious, but this makes all the difference. Planning your dinners and lunches for the week is the first step to making the most of your haul, and will make sure you are only buying what you need.

Have a backup plan

We’ve all been there, it’s Monday night, you’ve have had a massive day at work, and you would rather do 400 burpees than cook your planned dinner. That’s fine! Having a backup recipe for an “old faithful” dinner means putting in minimal effort and time. This means you don’t waste your food, while still fulfilling your lazy Monday night plans.

Know what you can freeze

Ok, so we know when berries are ridiculously cheap, we cant leave the market without buying enough to feed 10 people. But we always seem to waste half of them. Did you know you can freeze berries? They’re a great addition to your smoothie, or in baking. You can also freeze leftover spinach and kale, bananas, and even herbs!

Soup is our friend

Soups are amazing ways to utilise the leftovers in our fridge at the end of the week. You can add almost any leftover vegetable with some herbs and spices and you will come out with a delicious soup that will last you days.

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